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If grant writing really is your favorite thing, a career in academia might be the best fit for you, but also consider nonprofits (anything from sports organizations to history museums, community development to water availability) and government agencies. Don’t pursue a postdoc to increase your “market value” without careful consideration. 2021-04-07 A postdoc is a training-focused position available to those who have earned a doctorate. The most common type is a research-focused position at an academic institution, but postdocs also exist in industry, government, non-profit, and other non-academic organizations.

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The grant amount which can be applied for is DKK 1-2.5 million. All grant amounts include up to 15% for indirect project costs. VILLUM FONDEN additionally provides funds for family support based on an individual assessment by the host department and the international office at the host university. OPA helps identify funding sources, develop proposals, and manage funding.

Adriano Pavan (postdoc).

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2009 Tao Chen, PhD, now on a VR (Swedish Research Council) postdoc grant   10 Apr 2017 proud to announce that Mohammad Sarraf has recently been awarded a three- year postdoc grant from VR- the Swedish Research Council. The National Geographic Society supports exploration, research, conservation, education, storytelling, and technology with a robust grant-making program. a hub of information and resources for postdoctoral researchers in the Oxford Chemistry Thinking about applying for PostDoc or early career funding? 8 Dec 2020 Pilot study funding will be provided.


However, it is possible to apply for funding or for a return grant starting after expiry of the Postdoc.Mobility fellowship. Postdoctoral studies at Karolinska Institutet are intended to give the Postdoc a unique opportunity to develop skills and independency combined with advanced training and mentorship by a supervisor. KI Career Service provides career development for academics pursuing a career within academia, as well as for those who want to learn about career options outside of our university. The purpose of the postdoc grants is to give recently graduated researchers the possibility to continue their research career after obtaining their PhD. The grant is awarded for 2 years and corresponds to a full-time salary. New this year is that the eligibility period has been extended to two years after doctoral examination. The call at a glance ULLA traineeship grants for PhD students or postdocs may support exchange stays of maximum 3 months.

Vr postdoc grant

Vetenskapsrådet, VR (The Swedish Research council). In international competition, I have attracted funding (about 60 m SEK) from prime research funding bodies such as Swedish Research Council (VR), Swedish  ​​Five researchers at the Department of Physics were successful in getting grants from The Swedish Research Council (VR) within natural  Uppsala Forum funding has assisted in Uppsala University obtaining a new VR postdoc position. Jasmina Nedevska was a Visiting Fellow at  Uppsala Forum funding has assisted in Uppsala University obtaining a new VR postdoc position. Jasmina Nedevska was a Visiting Fellow at  Novo Nordisk Postdoctoral Fellowship (på engelska/danska); Novo Nordisk VR Etableringsbidrag (naturvetenskap och teknikvetenskap). VR: NOP-HS bidrag för nordiska vetenskapliga tidskrifter; Internationell postdok; Konferensbidrag (www.vr.se).
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Vr postdoc grant

of Philosophy, Uppsala University, 2002-2006; Wissenschaftliche Grants, Awards, Academy Memberships Swedish Research Council (VR) project Switcher Semantics for Singular and General Terms,  Jenny was most recently employed as a postdoctoral researcher in Gender Studies at Jenny holds two research grants from the Swedish Research Council: one by Dr Elisabeth Olivius at Umeå University (funded by VR 2020-2023).

Presentation at the EMBO workshop: Molecular Biology of Archaea 6 [2018 – 09 – 03] Introducing the last results of the Asgard archaea Technical Grant Writer.
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Writing ability. The grants are strategically timed to coincide with the transition from newly minted PhD to established postdoc, a period that statistically sees the largest number of women leave academia. The members of the inaugural class of recipients have been selected by the VILLUM FONDEN committee for scientific and technological research and approved by the board of directors.